Tim Trout, CPA, of Lenoir, North Carolina, launched his new website in an effort to better reach the clients he hopes to help. After serving in financial and ministry areas for over 35 years, Tim is eager to extend his services to nonprofits, churches, small businesses, and individuals who need assistance with accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial planning, or fraud prevention.

Tim and his wife Jadonna believe in helping their clients learn how to become good stewards of the resources they've been entrusted with in order to best live the life with which they've been entrusted. Being good stewards financially includes paying the minimum amount of taxes owed, protecting one's business or self from fraud, exercising responsible financial planning, and increasing knowledge when it comes to accounting and recording.

The new website will help Tim reach those parties who wish to be financially responsible and good stewards of their resources. With offers of a free consultation, easy access to contact Tim himself, and clear information regarding his services, the new website will boost Tim's influence and help him reach the lives he has been called to reach.