Tim Trout, CPA extends services to small businesses as well as nonprofits and churches in Granite Falls, NC. He is comfortable, familiar, and experienced with each of these different clients when it comes to their finances and fiscal responsibility.

Whether fraud risk or accounting seem too intimidating for churches or nonprofits in Granite Falls, NC, Tim Trout, CPA is equipped and ready to serve by minimizing risk and educating or training those involved. With over 35 years in the financial industry and in ministries, Tim has extensive experience working with small businesses, nonprofits, and churches when it comes to their financial issues such as accounting services. He also extends tax services to small businesses in Granite Falls, NC.

Tim Tout’s accounting and tax services are based on the ethic of being good stewards of resources. If you are a church, nonprofit, or small business in Granite Falls, NC worried about preparing your finances and not able to pay more than is minimally required, Tim Trout, CPA is your answer.