Tim Trout, CPA offers tax preparation, accounting services, fraud detection, and more in Hickory, NC based on his belief that people should be good stewards of their finances. To work with the man who has over 35 years of experience with ministries and financial departments, call Tim Trout today at 828-726-3333.

Are you a church, nonprofit, or small business needing help with fraud protection and bookkeeping? Tim Trout, CPA is also a certified Fraud Examiner and he has extensive experience working in the accounting industry. He believes in being responsible with resources, and he knows that many churches, nonprofits, and small businesses in Hickory, NC will typically have their finances done by someone with little to no experience or finance knowledge.

Churches in Hickory, NC can have their taxes prepared by someone who believes that they should only pay the minimum amount of taxes that are actually required. Nonprofits in Hickory, NC can rest assured that with Tim behind the records and bookkeeping, they have found an excellent partner. And small businesses in Hickory, NC no longer need to be concerned about becoming victims of fraud; Tim Trout, CPA, certified Fraud Examiner, will identify the risk and then minimize it.