Church accounting

Churches often have their finances done by those with little or no accounting or finance background or knowledge.

We can assist in setting up the accounting in Quickbooks or other accounting software to meet the financial and reporting needs of the church as well as provide training to those doing the accounting and finances.

Pastors currently have a number of tax advantages. We can assist in setting up the pastoral compensation packages so the pastoral staff pay the minimum legally required by the IRS.

Non-Profit accounting

Tim Trout, CPA is an excellent partner for non-profit organizations with extensive experience in the non-profit realm.

We can help set-up fund accounting needed by non-profits where resources are often limited the donor, granting agency or by law.

We can provide total bookkeeping and accounting services or assist those who have their own bookkeeper or make their own regular accounting entries in Quickbooks or other accounting software with training, periodic review, troubleshooting and problem solving as well as review for adjusting, period end and year-end entries.

Small Business Accounting

Do you find yourself in a situation where you have a great vision, have done well in starting or are in the process of starting your business but don’t have time for the finances or maybe accounting and finances are a weak point?

Maybe you are not large enough to hire someone to do the accounting and finances or maybe you have someone or can hire someone to do the bookkeeping but need higher level financial management.

Tim Trout, CPA can help at any of these points providing as much or as little help as you need in accounting or financial management.

We can provide total accounting and financial management services or come alongside your staff as a Chief Financial Officer offering training, problem solving and troubleshooting providing the higher level financial management need to effectively and efficiently run your business.

Quickbooks Set-Up, Training and Support

Quickbooks can be an excellent financial tool for small business and non-profits. It can be used by those with minimal accounting and financial background. However, it must be setup correctly and used correctly to provide the needed financial information.

We can help you setup Quickbooks correctly so that it provides the financial information you need. We can also provide Quickbooks training so that it is used correctly and meets the financial needs of your small business, non-profit or church.

We also offer ongoing support throughout the year to answer questions and deal with any problems that may arise.

Regular review can also be done providing any clean-up, period end or adjusting entries that may need to be done.